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IWA Leadership


Nila Bayvas, President

Rebecca Warnander, Vice-President 
Marian Jacobson, Immediate Past President and Treasurer

Virginia Bolen, Secretary

Laurie Ashcraft, Director for Administration

Nicola Crowe, Director for Cultural, Language and Activity Programs

Barbara Calabrese,Co-Director for Membership

Catherine Sinegal, Co-Director for Membership 

Francine Pappadis Friedman, Co-Director for Development

Susan Hanes, Co-Director for Development

Roya Mehrnoosh, Director for Community Service

Margo Binay, Director for Nominating Committee

Gay-Young Cho, Director for Philanthropy

Karen AbuZayd, Member at Large

Katarina Andersson, Member at Large 

Jill Brennan, Member at Large

Sheila Chin, Member at Large

Agnes Cikowska-Teczar, Member at Large

Ethel Gofen, Member at Large

Elizabeth Jia, Member at Large 

Suzanne McCormick, Member at Large


The past presidents exemplify IWA’s global diversity:

Doe Thornburg, 1978-1987 (U.S.A.)*
Ruth Ann Quinn, 1987-1988 (U.S.A.)*
Helen Padberg, 1988-1991 (U.S.A.)
Beverly Valentine, 1991-1993 (Jamaica/Canada)
Suzanne McCormick, 1993-1995 (Italy)
Elena Philips, 1995-1997 (Italy)
Sally Park, 1997-1998 (U.S.A.)
Rose-Marie Provo Kluit, 1998-2000 (The Netherlands)
A. Susana Ugarte, 2000-2001 (Argentina)
Sonia Aladjem,2001-2002 (Uruguay)*
Nancy Knapp, 2002-2004 (U.S.A.)
Yoko Mosher, 2004-2005 (Japan)
Lynnette Gaza, 2005-2007 (Australia)
D. Clancy, 2007-2009 (U.S.A.)
Sharon Barton, 2009-2010 (U.S.A.)
Ana Manglano, 2010-2011 (Colombia/Spain)
Gay-Young Cho, 2011-2013 (Korea)
Margo Bennett 2013-2015 (UK)
Sevil Kutay 2015-2017 (Turkey)
Marian S. Jacobson 2017-2019 (USA)

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