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Asia-Pacific, European and Turkish Culture Joint Program: Story of Tea

  • 12/08/2020
  • 1:30 PM - 3:00 PM
  • Zoom (link provided upon registration)


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Asia-Pacific, European and Turkish Culture Joint Program: Story of Tea

Presenter: The Nourishment Projects – Soma Roy

The Tea Act of 1773 united the American colonial opinion against the British and en route to sign the Declaration of Independence, John Adams asked “for a dish of tea, provided it has been honestly smuggled and has paid no duty”.

Camellia sinensis - better known as tea - has brewed political unrest making empires quiver in places such as India, Hong Kong and America. The British Empire propagated one craving - opium - to pay for the greater addiction, tea.

From her influence on luxury, gardens and even on everyday lexicon, e.g., cash, this humble plant’s enduring power is awe-inspiring. It is a story of rituals, tastes, beauty, colonization, supply chain and friendships. Come discover the beguiling story of a plant that has subjugated monks and monarchs alike.

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