Putting Global
Understanding Into Practice
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Mission & Vision Statement

IWA: PuTting Global Understanding Into Practice

International Women Associates (IWA) is a Chicago-area forum that connects women with diverse international backgrounds. Members put global understanding into practice through programs offering education, support, and service. IWA enriches the lives of members through participation in shared experiences that encourage cross- cultural exchange and friendship. IWA’s vision is to create a more just and peaceful world through mutual respect and understanding. IWA works with organizations and individuals whose goals are harmonious with its mission and advocates for universal human rights, especially for women and girls.

Founded in 1978, IWA warmly welcomes new members, including international newcomers and expats and Chicago residents who have extensive international experience. New members are welcomed into a diverse group that respects all cultures, enjoys all personalities,considers all viewpoints, and fosters a network of deep friendships transcending cultural and national differences. IWA is a unique gathering and learning place that connects women dedicated to the pursuit of global understanding and universal human rights.

The membership is comprised of approximately 500 members from 60 countries. Their backgrounds include many different professions and diplomatic affiliations as well as experience and interest in international education, economics, and culture.
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